The Power of Resilience

NEWMISA 2017 ebrochure

Value Selling
Course Objectives
Understanding the structured process of Selling | Recognizing the nuances of Selling as a science | Building and using a tangible value proposition to sell value
Course Coverage

Selling – An art or a science
The structured process of Pre-selling, Selling and Post Selling

Pre-Selling – the 5 elements
  • Positioning
  • Shaping the scope of customer needs
  • Steering the business conversation
  • Recognizing the value proposition
  • Influencing customer’s mindset
Selling : Selling Value
  • Value perception of customer
  • Recognizing value from the different parts of DMU (Decision Making Unit)
  • Tangibilizing the value proposition
  • Product value, service value, image value – business value
    • Presenting impactfully the business value
  • Challenging the Customer perception impactfully
  • Articulating the cost of 'not buying' or 'delaying'
  • The resistance management
    • Preparing for Customer resistance
      Pre handling resistance
    • The six step process of handling resistance
    • Handling own resistance to price – the psychological aspects of price management
  • Creating and articulating the compelling ‘why us’ proposition to close
  • The sales behaviour of a winning sales person
3 Steps of the course
1 Before arriving for the course
  • A case analysis
  • A set of readouts
  • A self-assessment on current capability of value selling
2 During the course
  • Concepts, tools, application
  • A certification test at the end of the course
  • Individual Action Plan
  • A value selling opportunity mapping plan
3 4-6 weeks after the course
  • A one hour telephone / Skype review
  • Reinforcing learning of value selling skills
  • Marking of the test results and certifying towards

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