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Bespoke Solutions - Examples
A selection from our vast repertoire of customised Sales Performance Improvement Solutions

At Mercuri India, we take pride in our uniqueness to customize Sales Performance Improvement Solutions, that help our discerning Clients realize their unique aspirations, in the face of unique challenges within their Organizations and out there in the marketplace.

Our ability to recognize and appreciate such uniqueness inspires us to put together our proprietary concepts and time tested know how blocks in unique ways, that demonstrate our commitment to help our Clients succeed.

We craft bespoke solutions for your Organization, basis our understanding of your priorities in:

  • Sales & Service Competence Development
  • Sales & Service Performance Improvement
  • Business Understanding & Leadership
  • Managing People & Teams
  • Mastering Training Design

In addition to proprietary concepts and know how blocks from our Mercuri India Knowledge Repository, we leverage best in class tools & methods from Celemi Business Simulations, Belbin Team Roles & 4MAT Training Design to tailor a solution that perfectly fits your needs. Here is a quick selection from among the many Bespoke Solutions we have developed for our discerning Clients, over the years : (Click on for solutions provided)

“I want my first and second line sales managers to evolve into business managers”
A multi phased approach focusing on sales management, coaching, business acumen, people management and self awareness
“I want my entire sales team move from commodity selling to science based selling”
A completely new methodology of dialoging with the Customer instead of detailing, supported by an active class room & field coaching for managers
“My sales team is experienced & they need to move up to the next level of engaging with ‘C’ level and sell large value projects”
A consultative selling intervention to build on their existing sales fundamentals, supported by coaching, training for the business leaders to sell large value projects to targeted opportunities
“I have large customers but we sell to them rather than manage them well and they have a large potential to grow”
A specially created strategic account management approach and tool involving functional teams to build practical viable action plans and implement them, supported by inculcating Customer Centricity in the organization for leveraging key accounts
“My consulting and delivery team needs to talk business and engage with the board level with ease and influence decisions”
A combination of business simulations and specially developed content to achieve the initiatives
“I have a dream to build world class retail excellence in a business which has hardly seen excellence in retailing”
A combination of business simulations, live field work during the programme and inviting Customers into the programme and creating a framework for retail excellence

Tell us what is your need. A Consultant from Mercuri India will talk to you to understand your wants and your needs, and work with you to co-create a bespoke solution that will help you realize your aspirations.

Contact us right away.

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