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Our Clients

Mercuri India has undertaken significant projects with many Clients from diverse industries and geographies. Some of the projects are:

  • Transforming an organization of over 18,000 people to become customer centric.
  • Establishing the sales process and helping to translate it into the world’s showcase CRM for a large Indian organization.
  • A Sales Mastery Ladder for tangible improvement in Sales and Sales Management in a large FMCG company.
  • A path breaking way to improve in-chamber effectiveness in Pharma Selling.
  • Leadership projects in technology intensive companies.
  • Creating and making the sales process manual for a large product launch initiative and training the entire team on the manual usage.
  • Transformational approach to 'Selling Business Return' using live templates co-created with the customer in a detailed way.
  • Changing the way a financial service organization works – broking and advisory services.
  • Strategic Sales and Negotiating projects.
  • A multi phased bespoke development project for the sales leadership team, in the world’s largest dairy company, in Sri Lanka
  • Helping a large insurance company to move from product selling to solution selling
  • Building World Class Retail Excellence in a premium automotive global corporation
  • A Sales Management Excellence project for a farm equipment business
  • A multi phased project for a comprehensive sales academy installation, in a large power equipment global corporation
  • Establishing Consultative Value Selling ethos at sales leadership level for a large Fortune 100 corporation in India

To know more about what drives us and the caliber of people that we are.. continue reading. To have a Mercuri Consultant talk with you about how we can take your sales to a higher level Contact Us.

Industries we cater to
Apparel Automobile Banking & Financial Services Beverages Consumer Durables Consulting Diary Education FMCG Healthcare Heavy Engineering Hospitality Insurance ITES IT Hardware & Solutions Jewellery Leisure & Holidays Online Retail Pharmaceutical Power Equipment Real Estate Retail Small & Medium Business Steel Telecom