The Power of Resilience

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MISA - The power of resilience

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Dear Friends,

Greetings from Mercuri Goldmann India!

Thank you for the opportunity to interact with you again

Competence, focus and determination made Rahul Dravid different from the rest. He lent dignity and grace to the game of cricket.

Sales has a lot in common with this sport. There is a constant need to deliver in an uncertain environment. Resilience is key.

Facing Ashwin and Lyon can be an exciting experience. Or stressful if you are not ready to face them. Such readiness to begin with, demands mastery in every technique possible with the bat. For, such choice fuels the ability to bounce back into confidence. Resilience in any game is about constantly adding to your arsenal of techniques.

So too in selling, resilience is the hallmark of champions, it gives them the energy and drive to keep moving.

Champions have their low moments. Their secret is in their ability to bounce back faster than anyone else, fueled by their power to choose their next response from a set of diligently crafted and practiced skills.

But resilience is more than a beneficial, individual character trait. It's also a key tenet of effective organizational leadership. Particularly in the current economic climate, resilience can often mean the difference between good and great. What drives resilient sales excellence in high performing organizations?

The recent Sales Excellence Survey 2017 done by Mercuri International covering 20 Countries and over 900 respondents reveals secrets of success of Top Performing Organizations. Here are 3 of the best kept secrets about what Sales People in top performing organizations get that their bottom peers don’t:

  • 1. 69% more sales training
  • 2. 72% more coaching on-the-job by their Managers
  • 3. 41% more review time with their Managers

At Mercuri India, we understand these secret drivers of sales excellence for over 30 years, having worked with discerning sales leaders across a wide range of industries and geographies. And we know how to make these drivers work for you, because Mercuri India Consultants leverage these drivers to enhance their own resilience as salespeople.

The five world class open courses from the Mercuri India Sales Academy - MISA are designed to get your salespeople to understand and practice skills that enhance their freedom of choice in those critical moments when they are likely to feel challenged. Delivered in three steps that embed diligent learning before, during and after the course, MISA could be your one stop shop for fostering sales excellence.

Gift your people the MISA Experience. Give them the freedom of choice. Enable their resilience. Make them dependable. Like “The Wall”!

We wish you and your team a wonderful year ahead!

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