The Power of Resilience

NEWMISA 2017 ebrochure

High Impact Presentations
Course Objectives
Understanding the nuances of High Impact Presentations | Developing a framework to balance the structure and content effectively | Building confidence to effective communication & influencing through rigorous practice of High Impact Presentation Skills.
Course Coverage
  • Communication is fundamental to Presentation
  • Designing the Presentation
    • The power of structure
    • Structure linked to the purpose of communication
    • Meaning, Scripting, Humour
    • Substance and style built on structure
  • Delivering the Presentation
    • Voice, Speed, Phrasing, Clarity, Precision, Purpose
    • Understanding and using body language
  • High Impact Presentation – Use of Digital Media
    • Table top presentations
    • Establishing conversation in presentation
  • Eleven rules for High Impact Presentation
3 Steps of the course
1 Before arriving for the course
  • A set of readouts
  • A self assessment on presentation skills
  • Watching of chosen presentations on YouTube / other sources and analyzing prior to coming for the course – link will be sent
2 During the course
  • During the course
  • A certification test at the end of the course
  • Individual Action Plan
3 4-6 weeks after the course
  • A one hour telephone / Skype review
  • Reinforcing learning
  • Marking of the test results and certifying

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