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Mastering Training Design
Welcome to a new way of thinking about learning
About 4 MAT®

4MAT® is an Instruction Design Methodology for helping all learners be successful.
It offers teachers & trainers a way to reach all the types of learners. It offers learners insight into their personal approaches to learning. The 4MAT® Model will take any learning experience to a higher level. It helps discover resources for learners and for understanding what makes learners tick, including the most used Learning Type Measure.

4MAT® – Program Objectives

4MAT® improves effectiveness of Trainers, Teachers and Learning & Development teams by:

  • Imparting skills to design & develop instructional sessions
  • Getting them to appreciate the different ways in which people perceive and process information
  • Helping them understand how to capitalize on the differences
  • Enabling teachers & trainers to incorporate both - analytical & synthesizing - instructional strategies into their sessions
4MAT® is the right platform for an effective Train the Trainer initiative that targets improvements in Instructional Design making learning appeal to people of different Learning Types.

4MAT® Mastering Training Design – Program Content

The 4MAT® Mastering Training Design Program enhances the Quality of Learning in the Organization by equipping its participants to :

  • Explore elements of high performance learning
  • Broaden their understanding of why and how people learn
  • Use the simple and effective 4MAT® frame work for improving the quality of any learning process
  • Understand and accommodate learning differences
  • Use more dynamic, engaging pedagogy - teaching methods to increase student learning
  • Design more efficient and effective curriculum
  • Conceptualize instruction to increase its relevance for students

At Mercuri India we have been practicing the Principles of 4MAT® for several years in our in-house train the trainer initiatives and in designing & delivering exemplary performance improvement solutions to a discerning clientele across a wide range of industries and geographies. We are ready to share our learning of 4MAT® because we are committed to enhancing the Quality of learning in Organizations.

To know how 4MAT® Mastering Training Design can enhance the Quality of Learning in your Organization, contact us today. A Mercuri Consultant will be glad to assist you.

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