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Improving Team Performance – Leveraging the power of Belbin Team Roles
Does putting together a group of high performing individuals make a high performance team?

Not necessarily. In a High Performance Team, people respect each other for what they bring to the table. As individuals, people in such teams deliver much more than what they believe they can. Together, people in such teams achieve much more than the sum total of what each of them could have done as individuals. In such a workplace synergy is high, and people are enthused to go for more. In contrast, people in low performance teams are easily disengaged. Prone to demotivation and discord, they don’t live up to their potential. The good news is that more and more Organizations world over are discovering enduring success through building high performance teams, thanks to the power of Belbin Team Roles.

What are Belbin Team Roles ?

In the work of his lifetime at Cambridge since the 1970’s Dr. Meredith Belbin has researched people behavior, and has identified nine team roles . A Team Role is defined as ‘a tendency to behave, contribute and interrelate with others in a particular way’.

Team Role Contribution Allowable Weaknesses
Plant Creative, imaginative, free-thinking. Generates ideas and solves difficult problems Ignores incidentals. Too preoccupied to communicate effectively.
Resource Investigator Outgoing, enthusiastic, communicative. Explores opportunities and develops contacts. Over-optimistic, Loses interest once initial enthusiasm has passed.
Co-ordinator Mature, confident. identifies talent. Clarifies goals. Delegates effectively. Can be seen as manipulative. Offloads own share of the work.
Shaper Challenging, dynamic, thrives on pressure. Has the drive and courage to overcome obstacles Prone to provocation. Offends people's feelings.
Monitor Evaluator Sober, strategic and discerning. Sees all options and judges accurately. Lacks drive and ability to inspire others. Can be overly critical.
Teamworker Co-operative, perceptive and diplomatic. Listens and averts friction. Indecisive in crunch situations. Avoids confrontation.
Implementer Practical, reliable, efficient. Turns ideas into actions and organises work that needs to be done. Somewhat inflexible. Slow to respond to new possibilities.
Completer Finisher Painstaking, conscientious, anxious. Searches out errors. Polishes and perfects. Inclined to worry unduly. Reluctant to delegate.
Specialist Single-minded, self-starting, dedicated. Provides knowledge and skills in rare supply. Contributes only on a narrow front. Dwells on technicalities.
How do Organizations benefit from the Belbin Team Role methodology ?

The essence of Belbin is building high performance teams, on a solid foundation of enhanced self-awareness and personal effectiveness, fostering mutual trust, respecting diversity and building productive relationships, matching people and tasks, in ways that enable everyone to be a contributing member of a team. Belbin makes you and your teams more productive & therefore makes your enterprise more successful.

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