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Impact Training
The unique Mercuri Methodology - Yet another brain child of our founder Curt Abrahamsson

Have you ever wondered what your salespeople need to do to bring forth all their might to bear on an important market opportunity ?

"Here is a repetitive sales routine and here is a market opportunity I want to cash on…. How do I do it?"
"Exchange knowledge within my team and collect all the good points of course. Then it is only a question of forming a NEW way." ……"Then?"

"Let me study the existing ways of doing a sales job and break it down into components, so that I take the good things from existing practices of doing it….. and how do I do that?"
Typical situations for Sales Impact Training:
A sample portfolio of Impact Training Solutions:
Issue Solution
"My teams conversions are low with walk-in prospects. Can you improve" Impact training to create a modified script to sell value and increase conversion
"I have targeted a set of global prospects. How do I break into them through my strong technical team in a technology business" An impact intervention to arrive at defined strategies, approaches and visible plans to target and break into the prospects
"I have to increase my share of prescription from the doctor for specialty business" A tangible methodology to identify a range of prescription opportunities and build a logical case to influence
"I sell very high end solutions which are exceptional in quality to large industries and core sectors. My service team has to sell contracts and the customer says your product is good.. Why should I buy service"? An impact training focusing on defined six prospects and arriving at positioning service, strategizing the approach and building plans to crack the prospect
"I sell multiple products and have multiple principals and have large value contracts. How do I manage the progress of my enquiry and forecast the closure" A comprehensive enquiry management system and an impact training to target precise activities and closure

Tell us what your sales issues are. We will design a most fitting Impact Training with result focus for you to grab that market opportunity and make your people win business. contact us right away.

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