The Power of Resilience

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About us
Curt Abrahamsson

Founded by Curt Abrahamsson, a Swedish Industrialist in association with Heinz Goldmann of the Goldmann Institute, in 1960, Mercuri International was built on the premise - help customers make strategies happen.

Mercuri India, in the last 30 years of its presence, has worked across a range of businesses & industries. We have built a reputation of providing high quality work with a truly deep customer focus. We collaborate with our customers to help them gain a competitive edge through people and process development in Sales & Customer Service. We continue to learn from the past and build an organization that is modern, stays relevant & constantly value adding.

To know more about what drives us, the caliber of people that we are and the kind of Customers we work with, continue reading. To have a Mercuri Consultant talk with you about how we can take your sales to a higher level contact us.